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Few things will teach you more about yourself than your first job search. How you handle stress, how you behave when under pressure and, maybe most importantly, what you think is worth going the extra mile for… For me, working in recruitment at a leading London company was worth that extra mile.

When beginning the job search, much like all Psychology graduates, I was aware that I had a broad set of interests which I was unsure how to concentrate and combine. I knew I wanted a social role that would enable me to engage with a wide range of different individuals in as democratic an environment as possible; but I wasn’t quite sure in which sector I wanted this role to be. In addition, I had spent 3 years completing a law minor which I didn’t want going to waste in the coer. Enter, legal recruitment.

From the get-go, I was attracted to recruitment due to the ability to work closely with clients and use my law degree flexibly. Additionally, the prospect of working with a plethora of sectors – from hospitality to Fintech to TMT – was tempting to me, as it provided the opportunity to lea, not only more about people, but also about markets out there on which I had limited knowledge.

As many people in this industry will know, you also lea a lot about recruitment, solely from being a candidate in the process. This makes applying to a recruitment company a unique experience, as you can scour company websites and LinkedIn pages all you like – but nothing teaches you a company’s culture, particularly in recruitment, more than being the candidate. DMJ was one of the few companies that treated me with the next level of respect and integrity as a candidate which sold me on the company culture and the opportunity to be a good person and do good business.

In considering how to be successful at DMJ, I’ve found that one thing setting our culture apart from other companies has been their psychological approach to maximizing team potential and comfort in the workplace: Through the psychometric assessment test we did when joining DMJ, I’ve had the chance to understand how I might consistently feel motivated and empowered by my responsibilities, autonomy and support. DMJ has provided me the space to persevere and let that competitive side of me come out as I try to grow as an individual in a safe space. This is how I plan to hopefully not only succeed at DMJ; but become a leading expert in the fields of data protection, fintech, TMT and hospitality legal recruitment.

Posted 28/10/2021 By Mina Erten


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