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Emilia Anderson

Managing Consultant
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Since joining DMJ in late 2018, Emilia has been a bright spot on our Governance recruitment team. Although focused on excelling through all areas, Emilia focuses much of her energies on  asset management, insurance, property and construction. 

Emilia enjoys spending time with her horse and young puppy and likes to spend time going on walks round the countryside before stopping off at a local pub for a bite to eat.

Emilia has developed a strong and established network within her favoured sectors as well as the wider company secretarial market and prides herself in assisting company secretarial professionals find their dream role.

Emilia demonstrated great dedication to securing a role for me. Emilia was responsive, a great communicator, friendly and took ownership of an issue. An exceptional consultant – I would highly recommend her for anyone searching for a new role.”

Director – Professional Services organisation

The cryptocurrency space has been pushed into the spotlight once again amid the collapse of the exchange FTX. A corporate failure of this nature would naturally encourage conversations around the governance in place, or lack of it, and the lessons we can all learn from the massive oversights and lack of corporate responsibilities that lost more than $8 billion of its customers’ money.  

Following the collapse, it was found that FTX suffered from severe conflicts of interest, nepotism and a general lack of oversight at the top of the organisation. The lack of corporate governance within such an unregulated sector has been identified as a key reason as to why these failings weren’t caught and fixed sooner.

Findings have shown that:

  • FTX had no board of directors during their massive period of growth. The executive team was instead made up of 3 individuals; the founder – Sam BankmanFried, another employee, who was also a personal friend of Sam’s, and a Lawyer. It is vitally important, especially with young and growing organisations, that an independent, experience and well-informed board is appointed to ensure best governance practices are implemented.
  • The key codes and exchanges that were used to match the engine and fund were only accessible by 3 senior staff members at FTX, with no checks in place to monitor any changes. A previous employee stated that “If they [Sam and the executive] moved them around or input their own numbers, I’m not sure who would notice.”
  • Nepotism was rife with the Head of HR being an executive staff member’s girlfriend. She was hired and immediately promoted to Head of HR and would allegedly fire at will – especially those who disagreed with Sam’s decisions
  • They had been buying political influence on both the left and right to avoid scrutiny and to continue having favourable policies regarding crypto exchanges.
  • The organisation had a massive growth in revenue, increasing 1000% during 2021 alone. Such a rapid growth with so few checks and balances in place can often lead to strategic decisions that are made in the benefit of financial success rather than corporate governance.

The current CEO of FTX John Ray, who has been tasked with the insolvency and recovery of assets from the firm, has stated that in over his 40 year long career he has never seen "such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as what occurred here".

Ultimately, the organisation had unfortunately fallen foul to an inexperienced senior management team which was led by a single omniscient individual who’s concentrated power led to the loss of billions of dollars of customer money.

This unfortunate series of events has help highlight the importance and need to have a solid corporate governance understanding within organisations which is implemented and fed from the top down. This is important not only with the less regulated environment of the cryptocurrency market but across all organisations; no matter the size, complexity or sector.

Posted 18/01/2023 By Emilia Anderson


Emilia Anderson

Managing Consultant


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