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    28 days holiday

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    Health care and gym membership

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    Team incentives

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    Competitive salaries

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    Strong commission structure

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    Season ticket loan

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    Cycle to work scheme

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    Childcare vouchers

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    Pension (Stakeholder)

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    Income Protection

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    Summer party

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    Christmas party

  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9kbwotcmvjcnvpdg1lbnqvcg5nl2rpc2gucg5nil1d

    Top billers lunch

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    Earn a free holiday abroad

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    Opportunity to be part of the DMJ Charity Committee

DMJ Managing Director Marc Tobias

Recruitment is a people business and we believe in a supportive and team based atmosphere. We offer regular internal and external training for all our consultants to ensure you are successful in a competitive market.

With over 30 years’ experience working in recruitment our Managing Directors are experts in their fields and are always available for advice and coaching. 

Here at DMJ Recruitment we have built comprehensive training programmes for DMJ staff who are new to recruitment, for those who would benefit from refresher training to keep their skills up to date and for those looking to build new skills.

At DMJ we are as serious about your career as you are. As part of our exciting growth plans we are actively seeking experienced consultants and Law graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lively and professional attitude. If you like our approach and would be interested in joining DMJ then we would love to hear from you.

Marc Tobias

Managing Director

Vacancies at DMJ

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