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Cadell Heller

After considerable turmoil, there has been a resurgence in the Legal Recruitment Market since the easing of lockdown and the opening of the country. However, public perception is that the economy and therefore, the recruitment market has not recovered and is still quiet. This has been further reinforced by our recent step back into increased safety procedures. Worst of all, many legal professionals are under the impression that the roles that are available may not be as secure and are therefore intent on weathering the storm in their current positions.

This is not the case. The roles that we are instructed on are very secure and firms are just as serious about making genuine, long-term hires as they were before the lockdown. Things are certainly quieter but not to the extent that they were several months ago. In fact, the current situation makes this the ideal time to find your perfect position for several reasons.

Crisis is Opportunity

The pandemic has shaken up our industry for the long-term and many businesses are scrambling to catch up. This has led to widespread reshuffling of organisations and a re-evaluation of goals and purpose. There is opportunity for the proactive job searcher to get in on the ground floor of these changes and become an important cog in the legal machine.

Long-Term and Secure Positions

Many candidates we speak to are worried about the security of the roles out there. A lot has happened over the past six months and everyone is on edge. However, it’s important to remember that the current uncertainty makes the hiring decision this much more important. Companies do not have the budget to make hires lightly and will be looking to fill these important roles for the long-term.

Additionally, these roles will be viewed as vital. Not only does this guarantee stability, as mentioned above, it also ensures the roles will be well supported and offer the new hire the opportunity to affect real change and impact on their new organisation.

Decreased Competition for New Roles

With many clinging onto their current roles while the perceived ship steadies, new roles are there for the taking. This is especially true in our market considering the risk-adverse profile of the mode lawyer. Those who are willing to step forward now may find themselves landing very exciting roles they would find themselves fighting tooth and nail for under normal circumstances.

The Flexibility of Working from Home

The current flexibility of the remote employee allows time for the job search and flexibility with booking interviews. No need to book in that ‘dentist appointment’ during your interview time or leave the office early. You also have the advantage of interviewing on your home turf where you are likely most comfortable. Companies are quickly becoming adept at remote interviewing and onboarding allowing for a comfortable and less stressful search process.

The perfect time to build your network with Recruiters

A good recruiter can be worth their weight in gold, and the current climate represents a superb opportunity to strengthen your relationships with them. Law firms are putting strategic plans in place now, and having someone who knows your career plans and can align those with ambitious and forward thinking clients will make a huge difference to your long-term career.  Now is the time to lay the groundwork to ensure you stand out amongst the competition.

The point is that there are quality, long-term, board approved roles out there for the taking. Not only are they available but can put you in a better position than under normal circumstances. Fortune favours the bold and those who are proactive now will find themselves in a great place once the market retus to normal. If you are conceed about the stability of your current role or looking to make a change for the better, contact me for a confidential chat.

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Posted 07/10/2020 By Cadell Heller


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