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Jennifer Skrastin

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Jennifer has used her LLB from the University of Glasgow and many years of recruitment experience to consistently make a positive impact on our legal recruitment team. Since starting as a consultant in 2014, she has worked her way up through her dedication and leadership ability.

Jennifer works with a range of clients including UK Top 100 firms and boutique practices and assists associates from newly qualified through to senior associates at various stages of their careers. She has consistently received glowing reviews and is deeply entrenched in the legal market.

"Fantastic from the very outset!! Moving from a national practice in the north to a silver circle firm in the city Jennifer was able to guide me through the process. Stand out qualities were being proactive, never having to chase, and always on the ball, hearing about new roles and opportunities before any other recruiter in the city. Could not recommend Jennifer enough.”

Corporate Finance Associate – International Law Firm

Growing up, my Dad used to play Pink Floyd all the time and Dark Side of the Moon was by far, his favourite album. It is without doubt an all-time classic and one I still listen to now. But what has this got to do with recruitment?

My MD, Marc Tobias recently shared a very useful article that highlighted a rise in poor practices by recruitment agents that could be detrimental to your career. He correctly noted that a dedicated and empathetic consultant can guide you through your options and provide the best possible advice for your career.

His article got me thinking about how consultants can add real value to you, as either a client or candidate and brought me back to Pink Floyd. Rather than focusing on Money a great consultant offers their Time to add value to the relationship they have with their clients and candidates.

At the start of your relationship with your consultant they should invest their time in understanding you and your needs, beyond your CV or LinkedIn profile. What do they ask you on that first call? Do you they take the time to meet you? Do they just ask about following or do they drill down to understand your softer skills, your client relationships and your ambition? A great consultant will spend time in that first interaction, getting to know you, as a lawyer and a person so that they can offer tailored advice that is right for you.

The same is true for client interaction. Does the consultant take time to understand your team, your department, your firm and values? Do they want to come and meet you? Do they know how to represent you and your firm accurately to the market and ensure you get the best candidates that can make a difference? The time we spend leaing about our clients allows us to find candidates that will fit into the team on a personal level as well as technically. 

The investment of time shouldn’t stop after that first meeting. A consultant will be working hard behind the scenes to identify the perfect job or ideal candidate. They should also be taking the time to update you on the process, to provide market intel, present ideas and options, and sometimes to challenge you on your thinking. After all, if they have spent time listening to you explaining what you need, you should trust them to push back if they really believe in something.

Once you’re involved in a recruitment process, a great consultant will be speaking to both parties throughout. A recruitment process is very rarely straightforward, and your consultant should be in regular contact, listening to any pros and cons, and providing guidance and support.

Even when you’re not actively looking to move, or hire, a great consultant should want to spend time speaking with you, to understand how your career is developing, to share market information, and to highlight market trends and potential options for you, should you decide to move, or hire. They should spend time developing a long-term relationship with you that allows you to make the right decisions about your career at the right time.

Posted 26/11/2020 By Jennifer Skrastin


Jennifer Skrastin



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