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Charlie Gilmour-Evans

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Charlie started at DMJ as an Associate in November 2022 after having completed his BA in Ancient History at Durham University, joining the DMJ Company Secretarial team. 

In his spare time, Charlie can be found frequenting various gyms, strolling around the British Museum, pondering a plethora of literature from ancient cultures, such as Roman, Greek, and Akkadian and reminiscing about his days as Social Secretary at Durham University Table Tennis Club.

After graduating, Charlie knew he wanted to work in a client centred environment which gave exposure to a diverse range of people; recruitment was therefore a logical career path for him to take. Charlie aims to provide a top-level service whilst developing his own knowledge of the company secretarial sector.



The company secretarial industry is a crucial component of corporate governance, responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining accurate records, and facilitating communication between a company and its stakeholders. Company secretaries play a vital role in ensuring that organizations operate efficiently, compliantly, and ethically. Much like the intricate tales of Greek mythology, the world of company secretarial work is rife with its own stories, lessons, and challenges. In this article, we'll explore how myths from the company secretarial industry resonate with Greek myths, drawing out valuable insights from both realms.

Ariadne's Thread and Regulatory Navigation
In Greek mythology, Ariadne provided Theseus with a thread to guide him through the labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. This narrative aligns with the company secretarial industry's role in guiding businesses through the labyrinthine complexities of regulations and compliance. Company secretaries, much like Ariadne, provide the essential "thread" of knowledge that enables organizations to navigate the intricate paths of legal and regulatory requirements.
Just as Theseus' thread led him to victory, company secretaries' expertise helps businesses avoid regulatory pitfalls. By remaining informed about ever-evolving regulations and implementing compliant practices, these professionals contribute to the success and integrity of organizations. The parallel here lies in the power of guidance—Ariadne's thread and a company secretary's insights—both instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving desired outcomes.

Prometheus and Knowledge Sharing
The Greek Titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods and bestowed it upon humanity, symbolizing the sharing of knowledge. This act of empowerment finds its counterpart in the company secretarial industry, where professionals share their expertise to empower organizations with the knowledge needed for compliance and sound governance.
Company secretaries, like Prometheus, illuminate the path of understanding by imparting knowledge on regulatory updates, governance best practices, and compliance strategies. Just as Prometheus brought light to humanity's darkness, company secretaries bring clarity to the complexities of corporate regulations, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and navigate challenges.

Sisyphus and Ongoing Compliance
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to push a boulder up a hill for eternity, only to have it roll back down each time he neared the top. This myth draws parallels with the perpetual nature of compliance efforts in the company secretarial industry.
Much like Sisyphus' unending task, company secretaries face the ongoing challenge of maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations. Just as Sisyphus never reaches the summit, the work of company secretaries is never truly complete as new regulations emerge, requiring constant vigilance and adaptation.
The comparison highlights the unceasing nature of compliance efforts and the dedication required to sustain them. Company secretaries, like Sisyphus, persistently push forward, ensuring that organizations remain in alignment with legal and regulatory standards. This parallel emphasizes the dedication, commitment, and endurance necessary in the company secretarial industry to ensure continued governance and compliance.

The entwining of myths from the company secretarial industry with Greek mythology highlights the timeless themes that underlie both narratives. Just as Ariadne's thread guided Theseus, company secretaries steer businesses through regulatory mazes. Much like Prometheus, they share knowledge to empower organizations to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of regulations. Similar to Sisyphus, company secretarial professionals have the unending task of dealing with ongoing regulatory changes.
The comparison between these myths underscores the universal nature of human challenges and the wisdom that emerges from the tales we tell. By recognizing the parallels, we gain a deeper appreciation for the essential role company secretaries play in the intricate dance of governance, compliance, and effective communication. The stories, whether drawn from the ancient myths or contemporary corporate world, remind us of the significance of guidance, perspective, and knowledge in navigating the complexities of our endeavors.

Posted 04/09/2023 By Charlie Gilmour-Evans


Charlie Gilmour-Evans



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