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This time last year, I was approaching the beginning of my final year at Law school at the University of Leeds and all I could think about was what I would do post-graduation. I found myself at an interesting crossroad. I loved studying law and had developed an interest in business and advising clients, through my vacation scheme with a Magic Circle firm, but I decided at the end of my second year that I was no longer interested in becoming a lawyer. I wanted a career where I could build strong relationships with clients, rather than only advising them on small areas. I knew I wanted to continue working in the legal sphere, but not in a law firm, so I began my career search with this in mind.

I tued my attention to other options that embroiled a commitment to strong client relationships and found myself considering recruitment. I really liked the combination of resilience, interpersonal skills, and the sales aspects that make up this work. I’d developed experience in these areas during my degree, and work as a first-generation Brand Ambassador with a top US firm, and realised that recruitment was an excellent place to apply the skills that I enjoy, and to make a tangible impact.

After deciding on recruitment, I needed to find the right company for me, and that decision was made easy by DMJ. Not only can I apply my legal knowledge here, but the encouragement of shared success and constructive relationships amongst staff really appeals to me. All throughout my interview process I felt extremely comfortable, supported, and valued, and that has only continued since starting here.

In my first few months, I’ll be focusing on building a detailed understanding of the legal market, spring boarded by my degree knowledge. I want to begin employing my skills to develop strong client relationships, and I intend to accomplish this through research, practise, trial and error, and soaking up the knowledge from everyone around me in the office. I am delighted to be joining this team, and to see what the future holds.

Posted 09/09/2021 By Sarah Beckett


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