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Sarah Beckett

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Sarah started at DMJ as a researcher in the Private Practice team in September 2021, after achieving a first-class LLB law degree from Leeds University.

Sarah enjoys art (both creating it and viewing it), playing guitar and travelling.

Sarah decided to embark on a career in legal recruitment because it combines her interest in law with the ability to develop strong client relationships.

“We are thrilled that Sarah has joined our Private Practice team. Her positive attitude and legal background will serve her well and I’m excited to watch her career develop?.”

Marc Tobias – Managing Director, DMJ Recruitment


Moving to a new city away from your family, and most of your friends, is always going to test your ability to adapt to change.  Throw in starting your first big-girl job when all you’re used to is studying, and you’re in for a spicy period of adjustment, uncertainty, but most excitingly, growth.

I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself and pushing myself to grow has been an important part of who I am and what I have achieved with my academic success. However, the shift to doing this in the working environment has been more different than I expected but have now fully embraced it.

The key thing I’ve leat in my first few months is the importance of resilience. I’ve always thought I was pretty resilient, but as a student, I had spent my whole life being very used to a constant: if you work hard, you will very probably do well. Hard work remains a key part of success in any field, but in work there are so many other factors that come in to play, and some of them are out of your control.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few months with DMJ and have developed great relationships with candidates and colleagues and leat so much about the legal sector and people in general. Understanding why people need to change their jobs and being able to support them in their career development has been a real highlight for me. I enjoy talking and listening to people and it plays to my strengths.

I’ve also leat that to be successful in recruitment you need to be able to accept that there are some things out of your control and to be resilient when unexpected things happen. It’s never personal and when you are dealing with peoples’ careers it is imperative to be empathic and consultative so that you can are always adding value for them.

The team I am working with have been incredibly supportive and have helped me come so far so quickly. There’s still a lot to lea and more personal development ahead but I feel more able to deal with the changes than I did on day one. 

Posted 18/11/2021 By Sarah Beckett


Sarah Beckett



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