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Whilst completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Groningen I fell in love with the idea of helping people to achieve their best. When you study psychology there is a large emphasis on helping individuals’ mental health through clinical psychology and therapy, however, I felt that a largely underappreciated area was individual mental health within organisations. According to statistics, individuals spend 1/3 of their lives or 90,000 hours at work, so it’s crucial we try to make this environment as enjoyable as possible, which is what led to my interest in recruitment.

Whilst researching recruitment I loved that I could apply my psychological knowledge relating to interpersonal skills and building relationships and make a positive impact in people’s lives by placing them in roles that excite and allow them to thrive.

Once I started applying for positions within recruitment, the type of company I wanted to work for became clear. I wanted somewhere that celebrated individual success but still promoted a collaborative environment, and DMJ provided the perfect opportunity. Throughout my first month they have supported me when I’ve needed that extra encouragement after a tough day of voicemails, whilst celebrating even the smallest of wins.

Over the next few months, I will continue to focus on building relationships with both candidates and clients as well as furthering my knowledge of the legal in-house market. Long-term, I’m excited to sink my teeth into the TMT, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical markets as I become more accustomed to the recruitment industry and all it has to offer.

Whilst there is certainly a lot to lea, I’m excited to apply the skills I’ve built so far and continue to lea from my colleagues who, based on my first few weeks on the job, will be there to offer the support I need to succeed.

Posted 08/10/2021 By Gillian Stott


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