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Annabel Wight

That’s what I’ve always thought and, except for a brief period in my childhood when I wanted to be a princess, it’s what I wanted for my future as well. However, after 3 years of study and thousands in tuition fees, I found myself full of stress that didn’t come from an essay deadline or late-night submission – I felt stifled and set on the rigid path – University, training contract, qualification and law career.

I started looking into other areas where my degree might be suitable, and it turns out there are actually a wealth of opportunities outside of the legal world for legal professionals. Maybe law students don’t need to become lawyers… In fact, law graduates have many transferrable skills including negotiation, analysis, conflict resolution, the ability to work under pressure and beyond. Couple these with tendencies towards strong leadership and communication abilities and LLBs are favoured over many other qualifications in a variety of sectors.

As fate would have it, a simple LinkedIn message changed my future. An offer from DMJ Recruitment to learn more immediately piqued my interest. Recruitment was a career I had never considered before and something I knew little about. However, I was assured during the interview process that I would be supported throughout my time here and soon found that many of those transferrable skills would be very useful in my new career.

In the space of a few months, I feel that I have truly settled into the working world, confident in my ability to successfully do my job. My position at DMJ has enabled me to learn about the legal world from a different perspective and I have quickly learnt about many of the nuances within the In-House legal world and its various industries and sectors. All something I would not have been able to experience if I had stuck to the ridged path that is often expected of law students.

In the end, I think my path to recruitment has led me to realise that there are no set paths in life. My advice is to be open to opportunities and adventures, as it will lead you to interesting places. This is just where I landed, your options are limitless…

Posted 18/10/2022 By Annabel Wight

Annabel Wight


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