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Rory joined DMJ in July of 2012 and steadily worked his way up to Director level. He splits his time between helping governance professionals develop their careers and leading DMJ’s fast-growing In-house legal team. Rory's focus is running senior inhouse legal and Governance searches within the Insurance, Manufacturing & Engineering and Support Services sectors.

Rory’s strengths include the experience he’s able to pass onto his clients and his deep connections with the legal and governance employment marketplace. He’s known for giving sound, long-term advice which has the client’s best interests at heart, not his own.

"I’ve worked with Rory on both sides of the recruitment fence and found his knowledge and understanding of the CoSec and Governance industry invaluable when seeking a role and when seeking the right candidate. His honesty and confidence when having a frank conversation have also been very welcome attributes when we’ve worked together. It’s good to know there’s a sensible voice at the end of the line when needed.”

Group Company Secretary - Zurich Financial Services Ltd

Earlier this week, we released our 2021 Goveance Hot 100 award winners. With goveance professionals being called upon more than ever before during the pandemic, it was inspiring to read the quality and volume of all the nominations. The commitment, support and care so many have shown to their colleagues and companies during such an unprecedented moment in recent history was a genuine morale boost (and personally much needed!).

I’d personally like to thank everyone who took the time to nominated someone and congratulations to all of those who were nominated.

Making it into the HOT 100 is validation of an individual’s commitment to enhance the impact and reputation of the goveance profession. We have created 10 categories that represent the core technical and personal skills ensuring we received the best and brightest forward-thinking members of the industry. Extending the nomination period led to added numbers and difficult decisions for our up-and-coming judge’s panel. Updated for 2021 with key goveance professionals, many who were goveance Hot 100 winners in 2020, our panel were dedicated, focused and non-partisan. We thank them for their hard work, our success would not be possible without them.




We also owe a very special thanks to our sponsors, Computershare who have been with us since the beginning of the DMJ HOT 100. They have been instrumental in the process and fully dedicated to its success. These awards would not be nearly as successful without their valued input and hard work.

Computershare is a global market leader in share registration, corporate goveance and company secretarial services, proxy solicitation and employee equity plans. Computershare provides a range of technology enabled goveance solutions to their global clients and are at the forefront of innovation across the global goveance landscape.

We are proud of the interest shown in Goveance Hot 100 awards and the trust given to us by the goveance professional community. We are touched by your support and relish the opportunity the awards provides to help DMJ Recruitment better connect with prominent goveance professionals and company secretaries.

Our annual feature will be back for 2022 and we’re excited to do it all again! If you would like to express your interest or lea more, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Click here to check out the Goveance Hot 100 2021 categories, winners and sponsorship information and start considering who’d you nominate for 2022!

If you’re a goveance professional inspired by our awards and would like to take advantage of our market insight and connections, feel free to contact me at or 020 3058 1443.

Posted 04/02/2021 By Rory Strong


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