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Chloe Smith

I started my journey here at DMJ during June of this year after five years of higher education, beginning with three years doing a BA in Sociology at the University of York and a year abroad in the middle of that studying at Charles University in Prague. I enjoyed the analytical nature of my degree and wanted to develop this further. 

Covid then hit the world, as well as my travel plans. I had a brilliant seven months in Prague but it was then cut short with a swift return home following announcements of lockdowns and closed borders. My summer holidays were cancelled, and I completed my final few months at Charles University, as well as my final year at York, online. 

I wasn't keen on entering the job market during the uncertainty of Covid and with a pre-existing interest in law I decided to embark on a year-long MA course in Law at the University of Law Moorgate Campus in London. I developed many useful skills during that year, such as in communication and problem-solving, but it also proved extremely challenging for me and made me rethink my career direction. Keen to hit the ground running and with my interest in law still very much intact, I completed my last exam for my MA course on 14th June and started my first day in the office at DMJ six days later. 

A lot of people have questioned this decision, thinking it might be a bit intense. Many of my peers chose to take a break during the summer to travel or relax, with some even deciding to take a year out before transitioning to the world of work. My course was intensive and a break wouldn’t have been the worst idea. However, I have always found it difficult to sit still and relax. Summer jobs in the past have always filled my time and the prospect of a summer with nothing to do felt daunting, but I did worry I was pushing myself too much. 

I quickly realised that I was worried for nothing. The support I’ve received from DMJ has surpassed my expectations, which were already high to begin with. The preparation offered for how to become a valued member of the team is distinguished, but what takes it that step further is the attention paid to emotional and individual support. DMJ has a fast-paced environment and the training in skill and competencies is both innovative and detail focused, without forgetting to address the other more personal aspects of office life. It has been a big transition and change for me and I’m having to learn how to perform in a new role completely from scratch, rather than the buildable knowledge of academia that I’ve been used to. Despite this, I feel so much more comfortable with my workload now than during my exams. 

DMJ are keen on a hands-on experience and have tailored my introduction to the office to my personality and unique learning style. They have provided me with a great deal of freedom and space to choose my own way of working, which isn’t often the case with a “traditional” office job. DMJ’s success as a company is testament to this technique’s effectiveness. 

After my experience of burnout during my academic career, this attentiveness to employees’ needs was something I was particularly looking for while jobhunting and I found that having a clear understanding of DMJ’s culture and values before taking on the role was a huge help. My transition from the world of academia to the office has been as seamless as possible because of this approach and I would highly recommend it to companies and graduates alike!


Posted 01/08/2022 By Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith


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