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It is no secret that the global pandemic affected us in many ways – both in our personal and working life.

In the professional capacity, one of the biggest changes we faced was working from home. As the workplace was no longer safe due to close proximity and high risk of the virus spreading, most of us were told to carry out our jobs not from out office desks but rather our bedrooms or studies.

In the beginning, it is fair to say that most were apprehensive of the rates of productivity with this new strategy. Our homes are full of distractions so would we be inclined to work to our full capacity surrounded by our home comforts?

Tus out, yes!

We at DMJ legal believe in adaptation and progression, so flexible working is something we adapted to over the course of the lockdowns. It is something we have also embraced and maintaining.

Flexi-working has provided a lot of room for independent working and achieving results within our own time. Colleagues with longer commutes have had their days adjusted to an earlier start to then leave earlier too or a later start with a later finish in order to avoid train delays.

Since I am still training and relatively new, I have 4 days in the office and my Fridays are spent working from home. This is immensely helpful because none of my training is compromised as I am present within the office and can acquire any feedback or corrections from my Seniors immediately.

As recruitment is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, live communication within my team is the most effective way to keep on top of things.

But the one day I work from home gives me the chance to put my leaings into play and work independently, to make my own decisions and then follow up and feedback after. This is good practice for the future when I will have a lot more responsibility to handle.

From speaking to candidates day in and day out, I can affirm that this new policy is something high on most people’s priority list. Along with more money and a step up in work, the other demand is “what is the firm’s approach to hybrid-working? Is it something they can accommodate?”

Working from home does not hinder productivity. Rather, embracing flexi-working is something worthwhile in the long-term; the maintenance of productivity and the decrease of sacrifice in personal life ensures a promising future for the professional world.

Posted 25/11/2021 By Sree Roychowdhury


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