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I’ll admit it – I’ve found 2020 tough. I’ve been stuck at home without company, unable to socialise in the city while often missing my friends and family. I loved going to The Valley in Charlton to watch the Addicks play and am normally no stranger to the pub. I can’t catch a flick at my local cinema and I’m paying for books on Amazon that I’d normally get for free at the library. I’m also getting tired of buing my meals and am craving a nice visit to a restaurant.

As difficult as the past year may have been, I’ve leaed to consider myself fortunate. My family is happy and healthy, and we haven’t had to do without. Many families haven’t been so lucky. With an estimated 650,000 people in the UK bound for poverty over the next 3 months and over 55% of the UK reporting a loss of income since March, it’s never been more important for those of us who have a steady income to do our part. At DMJ Recruitment, we find it unacceptable that some children will wake up tomorrow without having a proper breakfast to start the day. We have partnered with Magic Breakfast to help ensure this doesn’t continue.

“We did have a couple of children who really did cry with the hunger. They didn't know what was wrong with them. They would say that their tummy

was sore. But when you asked them 'When did you last eat?' or asked if they'd had anything that moing, you found they hadn't.” 

Magic Breakfast works with 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools to help over 48,000 children start their days in the best possible way. They support the most vulnerable institutions and children across the UK and Scotland. With as many as 1.8 million children at risk of starting their day off in hunger, their work is extremely important.

DMJ Recruitment, in association with Magic Breakfast, have initiated a fundraising initiative to offer support to these vulnerable children. On top of our initial donation, we will be matching contributions from the public made before 31st December, 2020 at midnight. *

Donate now at

Magic Breakfast has adapted during the Pandemic by offering a variety of children’s breakfast options. This traditionally included school served breakfast club, bagels in the classroom or food on a grab and go basis. In the fall of this year, take home packs became available and home deliveries became an option to better serve the public during lockdown.

I feel impatient because I want to eat and it hurts my stomach sometimes”

Magic Breakfast has been focused on ending childhood hunger for the past 20 years. In a pre-pandemic world, 6 students from a class of 30 were living in a family experiencing food insecurity. That number has certainly risen over the past year.

I think it’s important to have perspective. As bad as this pandemic has seemed for me, I know that it’s been much worse for many families out there. We have a responsibility to help those most vulnerable, especially when they are children. As we’ve been forced to spend so much time at home, many of us have been able to cut expenses. Did you save money this year from not commuting? Maybe avoiding the pub has left you a little flush or perhaps you could part with the money saved from eating in more often? Consider donating a piece of these savings to children in need. Fuel leaing with DMJ Recruitment and Magic Breakfast.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact me at or go to to lea more and donate.

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Posted 03/12/2020 By Ben Borden


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