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Rickza Mahmood

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Rickza joined DMJ in August of 2021 as a consultant in the private practice team, having previously worked as a researcher. Having previously focused on US firms, she is excited to be doing more work with UK firms.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, running and travelling.

Rickza’s interest in the corporate and finance market allows her to keep associates updated on these market areas and guide them in their search by providing a wider overview.

"We are excited to add Rickza to our growing Private Practice team and confident that her experience and positive personality will lead to a long and successful career here at DMJ."

Marc Tobias - Managing Director, DMJ Recruitment

After beginning my recruitment career in September 2019 and recently starting an exciting new position at DMJ Recruitment, I’ve found myself reflecting on my jouey and how I arrived at this point in my career. Essentially, I wanted to enjoy my work and have never been one to settle. There’s a satisfaction to getting what you want out of your career, and I’ve strived to find the perfect position for me.

I’ve always been interested in the law and its importance to our society. I enjoyed studying it at university after doing valuable work experience at a high street firm and attending various open days. I found myself drawn towards employment, property and human rights law and was thrilled to have the opportunity to gain useful experience working in the family and property department at a very supportive high street firm after university.

However, I did find myself conflicted about becoming a lawyer as I did not that much experience and knew it is a tough and competitive industry. I also felt that I needed to be certain in my decision to become a lawyer, so I decided to broaden my horizons by taking on a sales position in a department store selling beauty products. I enjoyed the interactions, breadth of responsibilities and the opportunity to have variety in my day-to-day work. In the end, working with the law was too big a draw so I studied the LPC and decided to focus on commercial and residential property law.

However, my previous conces retued while working as a paralegal. I was chuing out transaction after transaction and missed the client facing aspect of my old sales position. I wanted to work in a hands-on capacity with clients while making a real difference to their lives. After resigning, I discovered recruitment through a friend who worked in HR recruitment and quickly realised how legal recruitment would give me the benefits I was looking for with few of the negatives. Client facing, face-to-face and helpful while being based around the legal profession.

After a remote-based position in recruitment throughout the pandemic, I moved onto DMJ in August of 2021. It was difficult to start at my previous position without being able to receive hands-on training and a lack of direct contact with senior members of the organisation. I went back to square one and started thinking about what I wanted to achieve, what I needed to create a fruitful and satisfying career – I wanted to become a consultant and see candidates through the entire employment undertaking while enriching their lives in the process and needed a supportive organisation to help ensure my success.

DMJ was already on my radar, having a stellar reputation, and after some productive talks with their directors, I was excited to join and started as a consultant and have really enjoyed the leaing experience so far. I am able to work directly with candidates and have had exposure to clients whilst being supported by the rest of the team, just what I was looking for and, unfortunately, missing at my previous recruitment position due to the virtual nature of my onboarding. I now know that not settling was the best move for me as I have found a satisfying position that checks all my employment boxes and offers me a path to a successful career.

In my time at DMJ, I am keen to become an expert in corporate and finance and want to establish strong relationships with new clients as well as pre-existing ones. I would also want to start covering other market regions which are always busy such as Paris as I have previously done some work there. I feel confident that I will receive the training and support I need to be a successful legal consultant here at DMJ.

Posted 16/09/2021 By Rickza Mahmood


Rickza Mahmood



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