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Zaryna Pirverdi

Senior Consultant
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Zaryna joined DMJ in September 2021 as a researcher and is a Senior Consultant focusing on the Fintech, Technology, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Insurance sectors. 

Her approach is to provide honest feedback to candidates based on their skillset and abilities, supporting them during the job search process and updating with market trends. She has also established strong relationships with clients, supporting them with their recruitment and retention strategies. 

Zaryna is an active person, who enjoys all types of sports, such as boxing, horse riding, volleyball and spending a lot of time with her friends and family.

"Zaryna provided a seamless service at a time of great change within our business. She delivered a first class shortlist and clear and concise advice throughout the process."

Company Secretary - Asset Management Firm 

The world of recruitment has changed drastically over the past decade or so with a wide breadth of options now available to apply for jobs. With internal recruiters, job boards, external recruiters and more, it can be overwhelming. However, with the competitiveness of the market, it’s important that candidates use everything they have at their disposal to ensure they are making the most of their applications. With this in mind, I have compared the benefits of going at it alone versus using a trusted recruitment consultant. Of course, I am biased as a recruitment consultant myself, but I feel strongly that having someone who knows the system in your corner can be a huge benefit.

Let’s first tackle the avenues for applying for positions yourself.

Career Websites – Convenience is king!

The most popular way to apply for a new job is through job boards and career websites that regularly post new roles. The majority of them are free and easy to access. They also have convenient filters where you can choose location, salary range and areas of the market in which you are looking. To receive the best result, you have to check the websites regularly and apply for as many as you can, as you will have a higher chance of a company getting back to you. However, these sites have thousands of applications a day and roles are often bombarded with applications. Will you be able to stand out?

Company Websites – You know what you want now go and get it!

If you have a specific company in mind, you can also apply directly from the company’s website. Go to ‘career’ section and you will often see jobs adverts set up by the internal recruitment team. Consider creating a list of companies in which you are interested and check regularly for new roles. Keep in mind that you may be waiting a while. Do you have the skillset that they are looking for? Do they have a role relating to your background and experience?

University Career fairs – Start as you mean to go on

These can be a great opportunity to network and show that you are interested in working for specific organisations. The majority of universities usually host career fairs and networking events, which are free and easy to access. You can benefit not just from meeting a dream company, but also learning more about them and banking some tips on exactly they are looking for in the candidates. Note that these fairs tend to be highly competitive and stressful due to the huge crowds that often attend.

Social media – Not just for funny cat pics

Nowadays, social media is one of the most powerful tools to network and look for jobs. On LinkedIn, you have opportunity to connect, message, follow people and companies and to apply for roles and filter opportunities. In fact, many of our clients prefer using LinkedIn, rather than career websites. Make sure you update your profile and add your responsibilities under you job title. Regular posts and news in your career and about the market can also attract employers’ attention. Switch your LinkedIn profile to ‘Open to Work’ mode and it will show recruiters and employers that you are actively looking.

Let’s check out the benefits of using aa Recruitment Consultant.

As a new consultant at DMJ, I was surprised how much information about the candidates we have to know and the amount of detail we need to collect from clients for whom we’re sourcing. I had no idea the time that recruiters can save and how inefficient applying for many jobs online without support can be. Clients can receive 1000s of applicants just for one role and it’s difficult to stand out without a direct link. Here are the most useful and important benefits provided by a recruitment consultant.

Improving your CV – First impressions last!

It is essential to tailor your CV to the specific role for which you are applying. It provides hiring managers with more relevant information and increases your chances of being offered an interview. recruitment consultants always provide more information than what is included in a standard job ad. They have insights into what exactly HR is looking for and can help applicants tailor their CV.

Prepare for the interviews – practice, practice, practice

Recruitment consultants receive a wealth of information about the role, company and interview format and therefore are very useful for interview preparation. Sometimes it can be giving instruction what to include in discussion, what questions or how best to prepare for a situational exercise. Hiring decisions are often a game of small margins and the importance of being extra prepared for the interview process cannot be understated.

Getting interview feedback – Learn and improve

Consultants also provide feedback after each interview, which helps the candidate to improve for the next stage and understand where they are in the process. Likewise, it creates healthier and better relationship between a candidate and a client, which again increases chances of receiving an offer and meeting further expectations.

Many of my candidates who haven’t been offered a job from the first or even second attempt are often finally successful due to the feedback received previously.

Market update – Experience is key

Even when you are not actively looking but still interested ‘what’s out there,’ consultants are usually happy to arrange a call/coffee meeting to go through your current situation, provide you with a market update, salary benchmarking and beyond. This gives you the knowledge and ability to not simply start looking for a role but also be aware of the best time to actually be looking.

Networking – It’s not what you know but who you know!

Consultants can alert you to networking events for different level of experience. These are incredibly useful as they provide an opportunity to meet potential employers and speak with them in a less formal environment. The benefit of showing an employer your personal side is high and allows many to stand out from the competition.

If you think that enlisting the services of a recruitment Consultant is for you, please contact me at for the assistance with governance positions or see all Private Practice consultants here or our In-house legal team here. Consultants cost candidates nothing but can provide many benefits to today’s job seeker.

Posted 18/10/2022 By Zaryna Pirverdi


Zaryna Pirverdi

Senior Consultant


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