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Inspiring the next generation of Governance professionals

We’ve made it our mission to inspire future talent in the governance profession.

If you are a student or graduate considering a career in governance, find out everything you need to know by attending one of our Insight Days.

Sponsored by Deloitte Legal, our panel of Insight Day hosts include some of the UK's leading companies representing a range of sector and business types.

Each Insight Day is a free to attend half day event where the governance team will explain their role and how they support boards and committees in a changing governance landscape.  

Insight Days are in-person events held at the offices of our hosts which offers a further insight into the environment and culture of the organisation. 

Since 2016 we have run over 75 Insight Days and inspired over 1000 students and graduates to consider a rewarding career in governance. 

Registration opens a month before each event date. 


2024 Insight Day Calendar


14 June

Event Full

21 June


19 July

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4 September

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10 September

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Coming Soon

6 November

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20 November

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28 November

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13 March


Our Sponsors

DMJ Recruitment is thrilled to announce that Deloitte Legal will be sponsoring DMJ Insight Days for the third year running throughout 2024!

Deloitte Legal combines market-leading lawyers, governance professionals, consultants and technology experts to provide clients with innovative solutions to legal problems offering a range of Legal Entity Management & Governance, Legal Advisory, Legal Managed Services, Legal Management Consulting and Legal Technology services across a breadth of disciplines.

Deloitte Legal are firm believers that increased demands on legal and company secretarial teams due to a wealth of factors, including a heightened regulatory environment and an increasingly globalised landscape, require an original approach to providing quality and efficient legal services. One where the outcome isn’t just advice, but an innovative solution that combines legal expertise with market-leading technology, scale delivery and consulting capabilities.



  • What happens at an Insight Day?

    You will meet the company secretarial team of one of the UK’s leading companies alongside your fellow attendees. There will be a short round of introductions before a series of fun, interactive workshops. Workshops are designed to challenge your thinking about the role of a company secretary. DMJ will also offer a short session on how to secure your first role. Activities are interspersed with coffee/tea breaks before finishing with a free lunch!

  • Who comes to an Insight Day?

    Apart from your friends at DMJ recruitment, students and graduates from universities across the UK that are keen to find out more about the profession. Attendee numbers range from 15 – 30 per Insight Day. 

  • Do I have to prepare anything?

    No, but we do recommend you do some research into the company and their Company Secretarial team.  Once your place is confirmed, we will send you an itinerary, useful links and a location map.  You are welcome to connect with hosts on LinkedIn and links to profiles are provided on the relevant Insight Day event page (if available). 

  • I’m not the best at networking and I’m a little nervous, any advice?

    Don’t worry, everyone gets nervous!

    Prepare a couple of easy questions you can ask the company secretarial team. This will help you start the conversation and give you something to talk about. All businesses we work with are extremely friendly and welcoming. They’ve all started out as students and are there to offer as much advice and help as they can.

  • What should I do after I attend?

    Good question, feel free to thank your hosts over LinkedIn or email, stay in touch with fellow attendees and don’t forget to say hello to us! We might not have a role for you now, but we are always here to help.

  • How do I get the most out of the day?

    Insight Days are interactive experience and this is your chance to ask questions you would like answered, network with like-minded individuals and participate in the group sessions. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of the day. Our hosts will be looking for stand out individuals for potential roles they are looking to fill. This is your chance to shine. 

  • I can’t make it anymore, what do I do?

    Please tell us immediately. Last year every Insight Day was oversubscribed and not everyone could secure a spot. 

    Not showing up and not notifying us reflects poorly on you and is missed opportunity for someone else. Both the DMJ team and Insight Day hosts will be aware of your non-attendance, which can make it harder to get a role in the future.

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