Rory Strong



BA Hons- Geography 

My interests

A bit about me

1. Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I own an ex-racehorse called Haribo.

2. What is your favourite book?

Noble House by James Clavell.

3. What is your top tip to attract the best candidates?

Outside the needs of the role be flexible, offer variety and allow for development. The best talent is always looking to keep their career moving forward or their experience and knowledge growing. If you are able to offer development and variety they will see a long term and attractive prospect they can grow in.

4. What is the first thing someone considering changing jobs should do?

Know why it is they are looking. What are they looking to change and then partner with a market professional who can advise if what they are looking to change is achievable. Partnering with a professional and trusted consultant is key to ensure the best advice and genuinely aligned roles with your requirements.