Marc Tobias





My interests

A bit about me

1. Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I have abseiled Canary Wharf.

2. What is your perfect holiday?

The next one.

3. What is your top tip to attract the best candidates?

Provide a compelling reason to join your company, mapping out what their career could look like if they joined.

4. Where's your favourite place to meet contacts?

Anywhere that does a good breakfast. I'm a morning person and find a breakfast meeting the best way to cover the important issues, but in an informal relaxed way.

My 'guilty pleasure' sound track

TLC- 'Waterfalls'

Roles I'm working on

Superb construction associate - 5+

City of London, London | £85000 - £100000 per annum

With work-life balance more important than ever, our client offers a fantastic balance of manageable billables, an in... Read more

General Banking - 3+

City of London, London | £78000 - £90000 per annum

This leading corporate boutique offers a unique opportunity: work-life balance, fantastic client exposure, and a clea... Read more

Stand out option - leveraged finance 3+

City of London, London | £85000 - £120000 per annum

If partnership is your long-term goal its important that you are with a team that can guarantee client access, has a ... Read more

Lawyer to the stars - Music Lawyer 2+

London, England | £65000.00 - £85000 per annum

To make money in the music business its often said you need a great lawyer to ensure no one takes advantages of your ... Read more

Corporate role with work life balance!! 3+

London, England | £80000.00 - £100000.00 per annum

If you are looking for genuine work/life balance, interesting and varied work, along with responsibility and autonomy... Read more