How to Personal Brand like Beyonce

Posted 04/02/2019 by Sophie Murray

You’ve probably heard you need to work on your ‘personal brand’, but how do you do it? Should you start posting on LinkedIn more or attending networking events?

Or maybe, you should have a look at my list of people with a powerful personal brand and how they do it. Read on below to get tips from Beyonce, Richard Branson and the Queen. 

        1. ​Mike Winnet

Why they have a strong personal brand

Mike Winnet has become THE anti-thought leader on LinkedIn. His vitriol filled posts reek with sarcasm as he skewers ‘thought leaders’ and ‘evangelists.’ He has copped multiple LinkedIn bans and has 40,000 followers who can’t get enough of his parody posts.

He’s managed to make his personal brand big enough that he does stand-up comedy shows and is releasing a book.

How you can do it?

The reason Winnet is so successful is that he doesn’t care what about people think. This is the biggest hurdle to building your own personal brand - you second guess your message, you think people won’t like you, you’re worried people won’t take you seriously.

Mike Winnet takes those excuses and throws them to the wind. Be like Mike. You will never be known in your profession if you are always worrying about what other people think.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Why they have a strong personal brand

Gary Vaynerchuck is a hyperactive ball of energy who got his start selling wine on YouTube. From there, his marketing snowballed into an award-winning marketing agency and international speaking events. He is known for his passion, quick wit and having a solution to nearly every problem.

He also prides himself on being a soothsayer and regularly releases videos pinpointing future trends.

How you can do it?

Gary’s biggest drawcard is his enthusiasm and passion. Whether he is talking about buying the New York Jets or helping a food truck owner with their marketing, Gary brings 100% and stands out from everyone else offering the same advice.

Be enthusiastic when it comes to your next speaking engagement, meeting or watercooler conversation, they’re all the same to Gary.

  1. Beyonce

Why they have a strong personal brand

All hail the Queen of Pop – Beyonce. She was the lead singer of one of the most successful girl bands in history before starting an even more impressive solo career. Beyonce has sold over 100 million records, won 22 Grammy’s and was twice named in the Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world. Now that’s personal brand.

Beyonce is an expert at turning a negative into a positive and doesn’t hide her problems. The best example of this is recording an album focusing on the infidelity of her husband, Jay Z. While 99% of us would rather keep this private, Beyonce embraced the negative and turned it into the best-selling album of 2016.

How you can do it?

When someone negative happens, take a moment and see if you can turn it into a positive and share it with your audience. While a hard ask, it can an extremely powerful process from both a personal and a branding perspective.

  1. Richard Branson

Why they have a strong personal brand

He doesn’t really need introducing, but Richard Branson is one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. His Virgin Group controls over 400 companies and has interests from space travel to banking.

He is well known for his publicity stunts like dressing as a flight attendant to honour a bet and driving a tank through Times Square.

How you can do it?

While you probably can’t get your hands on a tank, you can humanise yourself like Branson. When he isn’t performing PR stunts, he also will personally greet guests on his airlines and interact with the public. Branson isn’t a square in a suit, he is a real person that people can relate to.

Try this yourself and make an effort to talk to everyone in the office and maybe poke a little bit of fun at yourself. Who knows, you might end up owning an airline?

  1. The Queen

Why they have a strong personal brand

If you thought Richard Branson needed no introduction, you should meet the Queen. As the leader of the Commonwealth and UK’s longest serving monarch, the Queen is one of the most recognisable figures in the world.

The Queen is famous because she sticks to what she knows. You don’t see the Queen driving tanks down the Mall to increase her popularity. What you do see is her sticking to what works, and it’s been working for 92 years.

How you can do it?

If you have a tried and true formula, don’t fix what isn’t broken. If you see everyone doing video on LinkedIn but you’re more wooden than a tree, stick to posting text updates. You don’t have to change your approach weekly to remain relevant.

  1. Ryan Reynolds

Why they have a strong personal brand

Famous as the foul-mouthed, limb regenerating Marvel character Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds oozes charm and humour. Audience’s can’t get enough of him and he’s even managed to start selling his own range of tequila.

No matter where or how Ryan Reynolds is filmed, he is always funny and charming. Red carpet, movie roles, T.V ads, Ryan is the same guy. While you might see that as a criticism of his acting ability, the audience knows what they are getting (like the Queen).

How you can do it?

Be consistent in your message and approach. Don’t flip and flop on topics or attitudes. The more consistent you are, the more your message will be trusted and known. This makes people comfortable because they know what they are getting. You want people to be comfortable around you, right?

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